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Never a Dull Day

Markus Klinko explains why he'd work with Lindsay Lohan any day -- no matter how late she is.

Only two episodes of Double Exposure have aired and already there has been so much controversy.

Topping the list might be the string of tweets from our always very photogenic and sexy Lindsay Lohan who for some odd reason decided to deny the indisputable fact that she arrived nearly 11 hours late to our shoot for her 6126 legging line. While the whole day is documented on Episode 2 of Double Exposure, none of us really talked about the record-breaking late arrival until Lindsay's tweets. Lindsay is a powerful and talented young woman. She is capable of great performances, and being in front of the camera is very easy for Lindsay. As I said before, if I had to choose between a celebrity that is perfectly on time and perfectly boring, I would much rather take Lindsay. So maybe rather than all this noise about how late she was, let's focus on how amazing she was when she actually showed up. The rocking shoot can be seen on this week's episode of Double Exposure, of course.

But Lindsay's tweeting is hardly the only controversy surrounding our new show. My relationship with Indrani has been labeled "pathological co-dependency" by a word smith critic, while others said it's "disfunctionality that functions." To me, Indrani simply is the most important person in my life. I have deep, unconditional love for her, and wish nothing more
than being allowed for the rest of my life to share our work and visions together. For us it is just the beginning. After over 15 years together, we have learned a lot, went trough great trials and great successes, and are stronger than ever before. While there might be some drama in the process, our final photographs are what it is all about. We are not 9 to 5 people; our work is our passion, and we never take no for an answer. We are used to working under incredible pressure, time pressure, budget pressure, all sorts of daily dramas, and we always manage to turn things around and to deliver. We surely intend to keep that up.

This show shines a bright spotlight on the behind-the-scenes aspects of celebrity and fashion photography. Those unfamiliar with our world at first glance might be very surprised and even shocked of how these high profile shoots go down. Insiders who have worked for many years at leading magazines or with top advertising agencies, however, know that what we are dealing with on a daily basis is fairly typical for major celebrity shoots. We are very proud that we
are bringing these fascinating moments to viewers at home, and hope that it will open up everyone's understanding of celebrity culture and how icons are created. Our aim is to demystify the process and to allow access into a world previously hidden from the public. Clearly that will rock some boats!

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