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S1 - E6

Episode 6: Jungle Delirium

As GK and Indrani grow closer, Markus focuses on rebuilding Indrani’s faith in him as a partner. The duo shoot 90201 starlet AnnaLynn McCord for Cosmopolitan, and in an uncharacteristic turn, Indrani convinces Markus to leave the shoot to support GK at Fashion Week. The team heads to India for a shoot and amid the squalor and heat of Indrani’s homeland, all of Markus and Indrani’s issues come bursting to the surface in an explosive confrontation in the jungle. The team returns to the states in disarray but excited about their first gallery opening. The splashy event, with the fruits of all their labor on display, casts Markus and Indrani’s entire career in a new light.
Aired: 07/20/2010