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Fawni on the "Mean Girls"

Fawni dishes on Bleona eating her blocks of cheese and Isabel rescinding her offer.

By Fawni How shocked were you by Bleona’s behavior at your dinner party?
Fawni: This was a true portrayal of who this lady, AKA Bleona-Barfona the Wicked Witch, is! LOL! It is quite a relief that I don't need to waste my energy on this, as actions truly speak louder than words. There are some people in this world who have nothing better to do than to spend all their time and energy to get attention and to cut people down to get ahead. That's just not me! Instead I'm out enjoying my Fawni-tastic day! What was going through your mind when she started eating the blocks of cheese?
F: It reeks of desperation, and I'm not referring to the cheese, LOL!

[video_clip_url:] How long did it take you to clean up from your dinner party?
F: Massimo and I made a whole night of it! We both wore French maid costumes, danced, and ate left over pappardelle! Not much cleaning was done… Were you surprised Isabel came to Bleona’s defense?
F: Not really. Because, you see, they "play in the same league!" But as far as I'm concerned, driving a ridiculously funny, gauche golden car is not my idea of the American Dream -- it has a little bit to do with your character and being a good person as well. But hey, she is quite funny this Baloney lady, she makes me laugh a lot! Was Massimo a good tennis coach? Had you ever played before?
F: Massimo is the best at everything! He is my Italian Nadal! I'm his biggest fan, and I love to be with him! We always have so much fun! How did you feel when Isabel told you that you could no longer perform at her party?
F: I did not care so much about this performance, as much as I was hurt by the way they treated me. At the time, it really hurt my feelings. The mean girls did not want me there, LOL! Maybe they don't like me because I'm always so happy. Oh well, as Taylor sings it so appropriately: "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!"

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