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Isabel Addresses the Rumors

Isabel Adrian weighs in on all the drama and Bleona's performance.

By Isabel Adrian Why did you tell Massimo that your husband, Steve Angello, was not wearing Jannik's jewelry in the picture he had up in his store?

Isabel Adrian: I know that in the end the truth will always come out, that's why I never build on a lie. Unfortunately it may take a while for people to understand you, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. I told Massimo that the bracelet was not really from Jannik's collection and just another similar collection. My biggest mistake was not confronting Jannik from day one about Steve's photo on his wall. But we had worked together previously, and I didn't want to create drama or embarrass him. When I felt Jannik was bullying me, I could no longer tolerate his lies. He was using my husband's fame to promote his brand when Steve wasn't actually wearing his bracelet.

Is Isabel Lying? Why did you decide not to ride down to the White Party with everyone?

IAI didn't hear about the limo until the very last minute, so it shouldn't have been a surprise to Jannik that I was not coming. As soon as I learned about the limo, I texted Massimo to let him know I would be coming in my own car. I wouldn’t have missed Bleona’s performance for the world! Massimo texted me back and told me about the stretch limo, the house Jannik rented, and the private chefs he hired. The only reason I came to the dinner was that I knew they probably had been trash talking me all day, and I was ready to defend myself (that’s why I brought the Crystal). Part of me wanted to crash the limo ride to keep Jannik from spreading lies, but I also did not what to be stuck in a stretch limo with him and a bunch of false rumors. However, something very strange happened at the dinner -- Sascha was quiet, and then left before brunch the next day, and I didn’t know why. What did you think of Bleona's performance?

IAI thought she did a fantastic job. As a creative designer and stylist for many artists, including my husband, I have been to a lot of very big shows and concerts. I thought hers was perfect -- not too over-the-top, but enough to leave the audience with a night to remember. She worked so hard and I was so happy to see her vision come together; it was well earned and well deserved.
The Euros Take the White Party How were you feeling after the blowout at brunch?

IAWe all spent entirely too much time discussing false rumors. But eventually everyone let it go, because they knew it was all petty nonsense. Everyone except Jannik that is. Why did he have to go to such great lengths to attack me unnecessarily over something that wasn’t true? If it wasn’t true, he should have laughed it off and let it go like everyone else did with their drama, but he didn’t.

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