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So You Think You Can Garba?

S2/EP3 |
Aired: 06/16/2021
After months of fighting, Vishal and Richa sit down. Anisha, with her eggs now successfully frozen, tests the dating waters, as Monica plans a Navratri celebration on the beach - but not everyone makes the guest list. 43:23

Not So Happy Hour

S2/EP2 |
Aired: 06/09/2021
With her egg retrieval drawing near, Anisha ponders what’s next for her dating life. Meanwhile, Brian tries to prove himself to Monica 2.0. Auntie Happy Hour turns into an explosive cocktail mixer. 43:24

Welcome Back Karma

S2/EP1 |
Aired: 06/02/2021
While Anisha starts to secure her future by freezing her eggs, Vishal reveals a shocking secret. But, this tight-knit community is put to the test when an argument breaks out at Brian’s 29th birthday bash. 54:26

An Engagement to Remember

S1/EP8 |
Aired: 04/26/2020
Vishal and Richa's engagement party has finally arrived, and it's up to Vishal to bring the fractured families together one more time. Anisha must confront the realities of her personal life, or lack thereof. 43:23

I Kinda Don't Like You

S1/EP7 |
Aired: 04/19/2020
With his engagement eminent, Vishal prepares for the return of his mother-in-law Lopa, who badmouthed his family at the Gala. Meanwhile, Amrit throws a launch party for his new firm, but what starts as a professional event, turns into a circus. 43:24

Karma's a Beach

S1/EP6 |
Aired: 04/12/2020
It's off to Key West for a weekend of fun, sun... and no parental supervision. While alpha males Brian and Shaan butt heads, Monica tests Anisha's patience with her "good girl" image. Storm clouds gather when an innocent game takes a scandalous turn. 43:24

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