Closets All Over the World

Closets All Over the World

Ambria pines for a moment in closets all over the world and describes just how fabulous it was to wear J.Lo's dress.

Watching the first episode of Fashion Hunters was a not-so-gentle reminder of how insanely crazy I can become over fashion. It's always been my main aphrodisiac, and for the first time in my life, I actually watched the effect that it has on me. I cringed a little at having called myself a "label whore," because in all actuality, I don't buy strictly by the label, nor have I always done so. What my mother taught me was to appreciate great quality when it comes to what I'm putting against my skin, and she encouraged me to be a label reader. Cashmere over cotton, silk over acrylic, wool over microfiber. . . It just so happens that the best designers use the absolute best fabrics and have amazing workmanship.

The Thierry Mugler dress was definitely a fantasy moment. I did not want to take that dress off. I was laughing while watching the scene because I never stopped swishing the dress around back and forth and I wasn't even aware I was doing that. It felt so luxurious and pretty and pink and then the crystals. . .Then to top it off that it was worn by Jennifer Lopez!?! I would have probably slept in it all week (I have done that before).

The scene with Simon Doonan was very interesting, but obviously, it is not a triumph for our store. Initially, the consignor expressed that she did not want to give us the dresses if we were going to sell them for less than $100 each, seeing as two did not have a label. After Simon came in and reiterated the value of the Carolina Herrera dress, the girl had another change of heart and did not want to let it go. This can be very frustrating. When someone walks into our store and says they want us to sell something of great value for them, we go to a lot of trouble to bring in an expert to authenticate and value the item. In a case like this, where the girl claimed she had gone to the actual factory where they make "samples" of Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera dresses, we can't afford to just throw a price on a dress. It can ruin our reputation. So it was amazing that Simon took time out of his day to come in and look at the dress, but on the downside, I was disappointed that she decided against leaving not only the Carolina Herrera, but the other two dresses that were still intricately made although they had no labels. Sad face.

Visiting Eva Lorenzotti's house was obviously amazing. When I go on home visits like this I get to live out my fantasies that I am a princess and get to buy absolutely everything that my heart desires. It's not often, however, that you get to visit someone who has the ability to buy everything and also has amazing taste. Everything I touched was luxurious, custom-made, special edition, one of a kind. . . It really gave me a high and combined with the champagne, I'm surprised that I was able to do any negotiations at all. I might have been throwing out some numbers without doing my research, which I almost never do. But at the end of the day it's a lot of fun, and it got the items into my store, which is always my front and center objective. It is also a reminder of how many expensive, amazing items there are sitting in closets all over the city –- and the world -– hardly ever being worn. It inspires me to want to hit up all the closets, all over the world.

I hope you all enjoyed the first episode, but really it's just the tip of the iceberg. Once the episodes start rolling in, so do Chanel bags, Brian Atwood shoes, and Stella McCartney off the rack. . .

This is a show made especially for people who love to indulge themselves from time to time. It's only a half an hour, though so you don't have to feel too bad! The coolest part about it is that it's seen through the eyes of regular New Yorkers who, through our job, just happen to get a front row seat to all of the amazing fashion being shuttled around from runway to showroom to the sales floor to someone's amazing apartment to our store and then into your closet. Come visit one of our stores and find an amazing, just like new piece you thought you could never own!

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