Ex-Boyfriends Happen

Ex-Boyfriends Happen

Karina reflects on '90s fashions and getting over ex-boyfriends.

The mystery Issey Miyake dress was from the '90s. . .I remember the 90’s. Really innovative designers like Jean Paul Gauthier, Thierry Mugler, and Claude Montana. It's interesting that fashion is sometimes defined by the decade in which it was created. . .and even more interesting is that it tends to reinvent itself after a period of time (lots of '70s and '80s influences. . .so I guess we might be seeing the '90s sometime soon!).

Anyway. . .When Ambria's phone rang I knew immediately that it was not going to be good. We could all sense the discomfort in the store. I really felt for her. It's a tough thing to go through, but she's young and ex-boyfriends happen. Bottom line is she will learn from it, get stronger, and ultimately move on with her life. The main thing is that we were all there to support her, which I think helped a lot.

Lastly, I just want to say please learn how to use hangers properly. Haha, what a mess that was. . .

PS: Loved the Dior bracelet. It was gone before I had a chance to grab it myself!!!

PPS: Just picked up a pair of amazing Rachel Zoe wedge shoes that are in her NEW collection (yes, sometimes we do have to buy new!!!) CrushworthyMoms.com has more info. Also I comment on Twitter a bit if u follow @karinalepiner

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