Fakes and Leather

Fakes and Leather

Episode 2: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor ponders the the proper purse for a dog, and the other items sold in this episode.

What is the proper purse for a pooch? It's hard to say, mainly because I don't want to think that every vintage bag I've ever carried was previously home to a Morkie or other small, less than continent animal. So let's not focus on that, but let's focus on the items that didn't hold a small animal in them at one point or another.

The Only Leggings in the World

fashion-hunters-season-1-gallery-featured-clothing-102-4.jpgSo this week was Wilson's first consignment, and the boy did good. He drives a hard bargain -- even if your leggings have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna (not personally). I, personally, am terrified of how these leggings would make my limbs look, so I would have been terrified to try them on, but for the bold (and the beautiful) go for it. Most commendable is Wilson's use of the number 9 to sell these leggings, a little trick that Karina didn't let go unnoticed. Smooth move Rude Boy. The mens department appreciates your vigor.

Bag Ladies

In my junior year of high school I bought a fake Birkin bag. I'm not proud of it. But people do things when they are young. We all make mistakes. And certainly like Jane's use of her Birkin as a pet tote, my use of my Fauxkin as a book bag was not the honorable way one should treat the real thing. However, did I take my Fauxkin to the Birkin party and ask someone to authenticate it? Negative, that's a waste of most people's time -- and Ambria's blood pressure. However, it all worked out -- particularly for Jane who snagged the uh-mazing kelly green bag and makeup case combo. If you think any bag rose to the heights of that handbag you are morely mistaken. That was the day's get.

I Make Leather

If you're an old-school Project Runway watcher like myself you'll remember Stella Ztois from Season 5. She was into "letha," and so, apparently, was Tara's Gucci wearing client. Never let the client get back into the dress! Never! She will see it's splendor and take it right back from whence it came. Never to be sold to me your shoppers. Granted where would I have worn a $4K brown leather Gucci dress is a larger, lifestyle question, but the answer is anywhere. My eyes feasted on it's glory and I would have made a social plan so it was so. Alas, it's back to the closet for this frock, a fate worse than death.

Next week the ladies have a Miyake mystery on their hands. . .My question: how does one knit a full suit in the round?

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