Lauren Bagcall

Lauren Bagcall

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor ponders the places she could go with new LV and Chanel bags.


The ladies' trip to the Podiatrist to the stars palace was pretty amazing. It's interesting to think about each profession having the best of fashions of their field. Do ophthalmologists have legions of incredible eye glasses? Do pulmonary specialists have loads of incredible vests and jackets? Who knows, who cares -- this woman has shoes an f'n plenty.

Particularly of interest to me was this pair of stunners. You might recognize these beauts from Sex and the City as the pair of shoes Carrie is mugged for, and I can totally understand why. If I was going to take to a life of crime, taking these would be near the top of my list. Though for $195 at STA, I guess I don't have to.


I'm not sure who's pricing strategy was correct, but what's more disconcerting to me is why would Lauren Bacall ever part with this luggage? It's monogrammed LV! Why!?! It's the ultimate in traveling chic. It must have had some Humphrey Bogart baggage. 

I don't know what to say except that every garage sale I've ever been to was wrong. Why have I not been to a garage sale where real life Chanel bags were stacked amongst the tchotkes. I'm going to start really hitting these Brooklyn stoop sales hard. 

As amazing as it was to fathom picking things like this up from a sale, it was even more mind-blowing to hear Nylon editor Dani Stahl (I have adored her since she started her "Factory Girl" column) discuss how to spot a fake. I wouldn't have known that the interior is stamped, or that Chanel hardware is gold. Some things to keep in mind when i'm elbowing old ladies next Sunday morning.

Next week the STA crew hits the road to find deals in the Hamptons (if they are to be had). Let me know which item you coveted most in the comments.

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