Out of the Bag

Out of the Bag

Karina pines for the lost Chanel bag, but finds joy in having "aristocratic feet."

Episode 4 was a lot of fun. Let me say the Chanel Bag was so unfair. Everyone got what they wanted -- except me. I even brought in my friend Dani Stahl to authenticate it for her!! But the truth is, the bag will end up getting more in the store for it so it was a good deal. But $10 at a garage sale in Texas? Incredible. . .

Next we were off the Dr. Levine for the foot facial and to consign her amazing collection of shoes. She literally has a museum of designer shoes in her practice. Givenchy, YSL, Gucci. . .They should add this stop to any NYC tour! I can't believe Dr. Levine told Ambria she had field workers feet. Thank god she told me that I had aristocratic feet. But Ambria's smart and beautiful so at the end of the day, who really cares? We all end up ruining our feet wearing Monolos and Loubotins. . .It's the sacrifice we make (And. . .she can always say she has prettier feet than Mr. Wilson "climb a tree with your toenails" Payamps. Haha!)

Lauren Bacall's luggage -- what a surprise when that walked in the door. And it was really interesting to hear about what she and Humphrey Bogart were actually like. The pricing was a bit of an issue with Tara, but I was looking at the bag as having an extra value due to the story. Why not start high with the price knowing that people always want to ask for it to be lower?

My PS: The iiJin sneakers with the built in lift were beyond amazing

My PPS: For some reason that week I was wearing a lot of Marc Jacobs. His stuff is so easy to mix.

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