So Not Over It

So Not Over It

Ambria shares how STA is helping her move through her breakup, one Christian Dior bracelet at a time.

I really loved the Issey Miyake mystery. The 2-piece outfit looked to me like an outfit Lady Gaga would have custom made for her tour or a press event. The fact that the piece was made so many years ago goes to show how revolutionary Mr. Miyake was. You can always tell couture by its construction, and this piece was no different. The construction of it alone was a mystery in itself -- I mean, how was this thing made!?! I was almost in disbelief that these two women wanted to give it up. It seemed to me like something they'd throw on to go get coffee!

Simon Doonan's expertise combined with his humor saved from getting more tense than it already was. From the first sight we could tell this suit was special, but to research it all the way back to its lineage, only to discover that this was a "missing" piece, put the women in an awkward position. Tara and I have definitely dealt with situations like this before. In re-sale there aren't a lot of rules. You never really know how the owner of the item came to have it. Some consignors have lots of items with tags on them, and sometimes your mind can wander. . .We always try to be as diplomatic as possible. Many times people who have stolen something end up not consigning because they want the cash up front. However, we could tell these women have just been toiling around fashion for so long, they apparently did have connections -- and not "Chinatown fake" connections -- actual connections to legit people who might have just been on an amazing photo shoot in Japan and decided to lift an original Miyake. . .it happens. But it's not often that these things resurface, and especially on national TV. . .

I was, as always, sad to lose the piece for the store, but glad that the piece would find it's rightful home – providing the ladies did, in fact, decide to give it to a museum and not keep it in their closet!

Going to Heide's apartment was fun, not only because she had the most amazing apartment and a Christian Dior gold bracelet, but because she actually helped me turn a corner. It's true I have not been open to moving on from my last relationship as much as I claim to be. I pretend like I'm okay so my friends and family don't worry, but all I need is a phone call to show how not over it I am. I am beyond sorry that I even took that call in the first place; I had no idea it would spiral into the arch of an episode but reality TV is good at making you look at yourself the way you really are sometimes and that was a situation I needed to get over! In life we all fall down and get broken-hearted -- that's what I had been dealing with for the last year and I had been picking up the pieces while I worked at STA. Between the amazing support from Tara and Karina, and even our consignors I was working on moving on -- but maybe a little too slowly. After I spoke to Heide, I was ready to get to that bracelet. It was everything I had hoped it was, and all I wished was that I could have slept with it on a couple of nights!

Karen is one of the most un-conventional women I know, she has impeccable taste, and always brings me goodies. When she comes in its inevitable that she will give me a hard time but I love her like an aunt. I have a soft spot for women like her, and the clothes she brings in. I never, ever like to price things too high because shoppers come in and they think we have no idea what we are talking about. But every so often someone can fall in love with an item and they do not care how much it costs. It happens too, sometimes, with items like this one -- even though it's a simple black dress, it has something special about it. So I make little deals like I did with Karen to keep her happy and keep her consigning, while not taking too much of a loss by overpricing something for a long time. If it hits a shopper the right way and they have the cash, Karen might just get lucky. But I'm not willing to risk Second Time Around's reputation by leaving it on the rack at that price for too long.

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