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True Value

Karina was surprised by the fuss made about her Louboutin pricing.

This week's episode was really interesting for me as it showed a snippet of the day to day that takes place in the store. I’m referring to the way I priced the one-of-a-kind Louboutins. I didn’t want to see them walk out the door, and thought they had extra value for the right client, so I was a bit surprised about all the fuss. The truth is that we all may price things differently, but when a one-of-a-kind comes in, it can become subjective. Wilson and I met and discussed the origin of the shoes with the client, and I think, better understood the value, but hey, at the end of the day, they sold. After all, that’s what is most important. We truly respect one another and at the end of the day we all understand the pricing. And thank you, Mr. Wilson, my knight in shining armor, for coming to my defense. Luv you….

My P.S. Having Keni back to authenticate the Valentino dress was great. He really knows his stuff. And guess what, I ran into him at Neiman Marcus on Black Friday. How funny

My P.P.S. has a new featured Mom this week if you want to check it out. The archived moms are great as well….

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