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S1 - E6

Episode 6: Consigner Squabbles and Hot Male Models

Karina has to deal with Bentley, a difficult consignor who accuses Karina of trying to cheat her. Meanwhile, Wilson is tasked with building out the men's section, but when he brings in a new designer Erickson Valdez, Tara is less than thrilled with his outlandish pieces. Tara tells Wilson that they need more variety, but Wilson thinks this is just Tara’s code word for "boring" and that she doesn't want to take any risks with the section. Meanwhile, Karina invites Wilson out for dinner with her family and gets totally embarrassed when he talks about sex in front of her adorable children. But after a visit to model River Viiperi's closet, the whole team gets invited to the Jeffrey Cares fashion event on the Intrepid, and everyone has a chance to have fun and forget the drama of the week behind them.
Aired: 11/08/2011