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Jeff Lewis

The Two Chucks

Jeff shares the aftermath of the Chuck incident.

Flipping Faux Pas

Jeff regrets that he lost control and looks for new strategies in dealing with his team.

Flipping Forgiveness

Jeff apologizes for being hard on Jenni and explains that there was a lot we didn't see. 

Presentation Panic!

Did Jeff actually wet himself during the House Beautiful meeting? Well, maybe a little...

Zoila, Renaissance Woman

Jeff plans on bringing Zoila on all future flights, just in case the pilot dies and someone needs to fly the plane.

Is Jeff a Sweetsies?

Sarah's become as important to Jeff as one of his pets. Almost.

In Memoriam

Jeff honors Spirit's memory.

Commitment Phobes

Jeff Lewis reveals what he's grateful for, and gives his take on this week's episode.

Still Processing

Jeff talks babysitting Chloe, dealing with the Ryan situation , and more!