Jeff Lewis Has a "Funny" — and Naughty — Airport Pastime

Jeff Lewis Has a "Funny" — and Naughty — Airport Pastime

Try it yourself, if you dare.

By Tamara Palmer

If you get bored in airports, frequent traveler Jeff Lewis has long had a hilarious remedy you could try — but it requires a bit of a bold streak and, yes, a inclination toward naughtiness in good fun.

What's Jeff's silly strategy for passing the time? Taking earnest-looking, smiling pictures with people who are sleeping.

The Flipping Out designer, who is on the go all the time for speaking engagements and special design consultations, started doing it as a game with husband Gage.

"The airlines today are so inefficient," he told Adweek. "You’re always sitting and waiting, there’s always mechanical problems, there’s always delays, and I’m just sitting there in absolute boredom. I thought it was funny that somebody was just sleeping and drooling with their mouth open, and I asked Gage to take a picture of me, which he wouldn’t do, and I had to force him and actually physically berate him until he would do it, and now it’s become a fun hobby for us."

They've been doing this for a few years now, but they're getting progressively bolder and funnier, as some of his recent captures prove:

He is excited about my WWHL Clubhouse appearance tonight with @bravoandy and @bethennyfrankel

A post shared by Jeff Lewis (@jljefflewis) on

He looks like he still enjoys this so much.

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"Some people read or actually get some work done," he said. "Not me!"

A post shared by Jeff Lewis (@jljefflewis) on

A post shared by Jeff Lewis (@jljefflewis) on

So you've been warned: Don't get caught sleeping (like Jenni Pulos once caught him), or you might end up on his Instagram page!

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