Episode Four: Art Imitates Life

Episode Four: Art Imitates Life

Scotty Brown blogs on the drama with Chris Cotazzo.

Here's an example of art imitating life: After Chris Cortazzo's show aired, he and I entered into a deal together. I have been working with a client to purchase a home for 6.5 million dollars. I showed Chris' property to them several times and everything was going great. Then I get a phone call from Chris.

"Scotty, an agent called today to see the house with a client that sounds similar to yours. Can you call me back before I call him back?"

My head started spinning. I called my client. It turns out that he has an investor that wants to see the property with his own agent! Well, my old behavior comes back to me, I want to start threatening everyone. But that doesn't work for me anymore, so I went back to my mantra: "Breathe In Faith, Breathe Out Fear!!"

I called Chris and tried to nip it in the bud. In the real estate world you don't want too many cooks in the kitchen. We spent this huge amount of time going back and forth with who, what, where and when. Total drama!!

I finally got the word that it had worked out. We put together an offer on the place, and started moving forward so that my client could purchase the home. And then out popped the other agent representing the investor...and it is still going around and round -- all over again.

I just had to trust God and present the offer and stay out of the results. I figured I could take my own advice that acceptance is the key to all my problems. Or I could totally ...I don't know ... freak out?

Acceptance sounds better, so now I wait. I'll keep you posted.

Oh! My Sweet Southern Socialite Deal? The one from the show? They've had a change of heart!!

Unfortunately the Wilsons are getting a divorce and now need to sell their home. The whole thing is so sad. We have to respect them both and do what is ever necessary to help.

The market has softened a bit and they are very motivated, so whoever buys this property will be getting an incredible deal!! Becky & Jay want to move on with their lives. She is looking forward to getting a new home. Change is good after a divorce, you know? One door closes and another opens -- it just sucks being in the hallway.
I have been in contact with a lot of people from Chicago who I haven't seen in years. I come from the streets of Chicago, and those are my roots. It's important to me to stay in touch with that. I know I am not "Ivy League" or anything but who I am. I am off the cuff, I am a wheeler dealer man!! I am having fun with it.

One thing I learned early on is street smarts are better than book smart. I would like to hire a college graduate, though. They have good work ethic, and would be pretty helpful around here. I'm they guy who's always out on the streets. I oversee the big picture. I'm the Dream Maker.

Well, thanks again for watching the show, and for sending all of your wonderful emails. I'm very grateful. I have been getting so many great responses from everyone who has been watching the show. It's cool that they've saying one of my lines back to me: "Breathe In Faith, Breathe Out Fear" They tell me that they've made it their mantra now. And I keep hearing things like "Scotty you're the man!!" Having fans like this is the ultimate compliment!!

Until next time,

Your man,

the man of the people,

Downtown Scotty Brown

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