Elimination Ceremonies

Elimination Ceremonies

Find out what Trace thinks of Shawn's time working for Jeff Lewis.

By Trace Lehnhoff

Another week passes and the revolving door at the Jeff Lewis office continues to spin. Sarah came into the office at just the right time – and what a breath of fresh air she was!

One of the first mornings working for Jeff, Sarah and I were getting to know each other in the office and she excused herself to use the bathroom. Shortly after, Jenni came in and also went to use the bathroom. Opening the door, she was very surprised to find Sarah and quickly shut the door yelling “Sorry, Sarah!” from the other side of the door. Sarah yelled back “It’s OK!” Jenni looked at me and said “I think she’s going to fit in just fine.”

When submitting a request with HR, expect a lengthy processing time at the Jeff Lewis office. I knew it wasn’t going to go over well with Jeff when Shawn asked for a day off. I was working for seven months before I asked for a day off so I could go away for the weekend with some friends. It was Friday, the 3rd of July and HR denied my request. There have been less elimination ceremonies since Shawn and his pride left.  I do what I can to keep my candle lit, and am set out to achieve my five-year certificate upon completion of my design internship.

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