Short Shorts, Baby Talk and Pearl Necklaces

Short Shorts, Baby Talk and Pearl Necklaces

Jenni weighs on the drama between Ryan and Jeff.

Jackie's house looks gorgeous. Once again proving even somewhat simple transformations (such as floors and paint) can make a world of difference.

Trace's shorts were teeny tiny. His style is definitely more European then The King of Converse.

The pearl necklace is a beautiful creamy white. It is thick and creamy. Frank and Jeff. 13 year old boys in a thirty something man's body. Who am I to judge? I am also a 13 year old boy in a thirty something woman's body.

Yes, I am a baby talker. To my children with fur, and to my nieces and nephews. Keep in perspective I sound like a 5 year old always, so what really constitutes baby talk for me Jeff? Operation normal. Chloe is a beautiful and smart child. I enjoy spending time with her. Jeff loves her very much as do I.

Jeff and Ryan's dynamic/relationship/partnership is only totally understood by the two of them. It is highly charged both personally and professionally. As for the perception of betrayals, I know from my own experience it is complicated and highly subjective. My only comment is I have long had great affection for both men and I hope they can somehow work it all out ...

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