Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

The newest member of Jeff's team weighs in!

Hello people…my name is Sarah Berkman and I am the newest of members to Jeff Lewis Design. Season 3 is hella funny - filled with lots of personality, jokes, and new, interesting characters.

Working with Jeff has been so far the most entertaining job I have ever had! Every day is a new adventure with crazy requests and demands from Jeff. Believe it or not, he is an awesome boss. The more you entertain him, the more job security you possess. He reinstates this often while working for him.

Who can say that they have never spilled a beverage in their own or someone else’s car before? Give me a break… these things happen! Jeff’s shocked, calm reaction was nothing but a surprise to myself and everyone who saw it. It did clean up fine and the coffee odor has disappeared, thank God!

Zoila’s alleged attempt to poison Jeff was so funny…months old bacon, come on people, that’s a no brainer. That probably won’t be the last time. Jeff tends to be so needy for her affection, yet Zoila is having non of it, and she remains quite composed. You have to love Zoila for her distinctive motherly love for Jeff. She is so amazing with him; they have such an unusual relationship.

Jenni wearing her sexy heels was awesome. She looked great and that’s all that matters. She totally cat walked the roof like a pro! That is the sacrifice we make in order to look hot on the job.

Ms. Jenni and I get along great, so our dream team attempt at taking over Jeff Lewis Design for a day went smooth. Jenni was totally “Take Charge Marge!” She was so fantastic with Jackie and the contractors. Although Jenni was in fear Jackie might want to throw down with her, after the check request conversation, she has no worries since I have Jenni’s back, that wouldn’t go down.

I love working with Jeffy, Jenni and the rest of our posse. It’s always a great day at Jeff Lewis’ office!



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