Bacon Drama

Bacon Drama

Zoila tells her side of the bad bacon story!

Jenni was so great with her shoes. It looked like she was walking a runway on the roof top. I don't think it's appropriate to wear on job sites, but she managed the situation well.

Now, I'm watching this Vlad man. I'm feeling he's lazy and a liar. I don't like. You can see it on his face, it's fake. He was so wrong about the measurement. I say, good job Jeffrey.

I don't think it's bacon that made Jeff sick. I think it's something from before, he just wanted to blame someone. I never tried to poison him. I need Jeff to work. He pays me. And I work hard for the money.

I do like it when Jeffrey was in bed. I had two days of vacation because he can't walk around the house and check on me. I rest and clean when I felt like it. So nice.

Jenni pretended to be Jeff Lewis and she did a good job handling these clients. But I think it's weird when Jeff compliments her after. I say, what's wrong in here? Where's my compliments?

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