Martinis Anyone?

Martinis Anyone?

Jenni gives us her poetic interpretation of tonight's premiere.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be photographed on the toilet. But in tonight's episode, "Mistakes Happen."

To recap:

Cat poo, dog pee, Sarah gets a golden shower. Martinis anyone?

Jeff informs me my clock is ticking and my morals are suspect. Martinis anyone?

Zoila calls Jeff a bitch, and I make a mistake. Martinis anyone?

Jeff tells our new clients that their kitchen cabinet design looks like "Where should we put the menus?" Martinis anyone?

Jeff Lewis Design now offers daycare. Martinis anyone?

Oh yes, it is yet another great day at Jeff Lewis' office, this is Jenni, how may I help you?

Do I seem distracted? Well there is a man in the picture. A kind one who shares his french-fries and loves my doggies. Who can blame a girl? I am very grateful.

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