The Smock of Shame

The Smock of Shame

Sarah doesn't let Jeff's flip outs get to her. Cleaning kitty litter is another story.

It’s been another great day at Jeff Lewis’ office – PSYCH!!!!!!

Training Day. I never imagined going through “Training Day” every day. I bill myself as a diligent, efficient, easy to train employee. As you can see, more is expected of me as Jeff’s assistant at JLD than ever before. I obviously learned the hard way. If you do not write things down, you will suffer the wrath of Jeff Lewis. I messed up, and it seems from Jeff’s perspective yelling, insulting, and making his employees wear a smock is the preferred punishment. I have thick skin and you need that working for Jeff. As an employee of Jeff, you need to anticipate what he needs and basically read his mind. That said, I try and do what it I can to be an exceptional assistant. When God created Jenni,he broke the mold, so I can never be her. But I will do my best to be a good design associate/assistant.

Casa Vega always hits the spot. Christy is so generous to offer us lunches several times a week. Of course Jeff never conveniently plans our meetings between 11am-12pm on these days. Christy always makes it hard to say no to a delicious meal at Casa Vega. We had to bite the piggy bullet and decline.

Heights and heels don’t mix. Enough said.

I truly love cats as much as the next cat lover. I don’t mind when Sweetsies Monkey jumps on the dining room table at lunch. But really people, an untidy kitty litter makes me barf in my mouth. Take care of your cats and they will take care of you!

Although Jeff may have his issues with me at times, I am sure he appreciates what I bring to JLD. Well, hopefully.

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