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Grammercy Gardens

Episode 10:'s Associate Editor selects her top three moments of the Season 5 finale.

You're regular recapper is away, so if this week's summary is filled with 100 perecnt more Lucy and sneezing cats, mea culpa.

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No. 3: A-Door-able Tension

Did anyone else find something endearingly old school or brother/sister like about Jeff and Jenni's garage door debacle? When Jenni wanted to open the garage door for light, it wasn't exactly a light-hearted matter. Any time Jeff very graciously tells you, "Thank you for being stupid," it's not your day. However Jenni, being a pro at being a Lewis wife by now retorted with an "OK, Great. Super." Returning to the place of wife has it's pratfalls.


But what about the wheel?

No. 2: Jenni Gets Low

Jenni's raps might not have been pleasing enough for Lucy (or Jeff), but guess who does love her flow? LIL JON. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I'll let this piece of incredible-ness speak for itself.

Maybe if Lucy had taken that nap she would have been a little more receptive to her flow. Bonus Jonas Moment: Monkey Gets the Sneezes

Remember when Gage was trying to have a serious discussion with Jeff and Monkey wouldn't stop sneezing?



Maybe that cat was trying to tell him Jenni should stay forever. . .Worked!No. 1: Grammercy Tavern

In an uplifting and delightful crescendo to the season, Jeff finds a new place. Well, a new old place. He's actually buying a former flip of his -- Grammercy. After breaking in a couple of times (big up to Jeanie for not letting Jeff's distrust of the intercom's strength stop her), Jeff decides that despite the places' Grey Gardens current state, he wants back in.

Let's just say if there's anything else to add to the cast of characters at Jeff Lewis Designs, it's a Little Edie type. Toss a "staunch character" in the mix and suddenly Zoila's got some competition for fiercest member of the JLD.

And in the end everyone plays a part. Gage does some taxes (albeit not up to JL code). Jett redoes Gage's work. Zoila sort of agrees to clean the joint. Lupe will come along for the ride. And yes, Jenni is back on board with the Jeff Lewis gang, despite her burgeoning demands as a member of the Lil Jon crew.

The only person not officially confirmed is a little Lewis tot. But we'll see just how soon Jeff and Gage start getting into the nursery business.

But wait, there's more. Next week the whole gang (and yes, we mean whole gang) is back for the Flipping Out reunion. Will Trace and Jeff cagematch for the final word?

You'll have to wait until next week to find out.

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