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Jenni: Jeff Fanned the Flames

Jenni Pulos weighs in on the blow out between Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Nastiness Does Not Solve Problems
(I'm sure they teach this at Harvard Business School)

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I left his schedule on the desk
We are in the car
Memo to Mr. Lewis
Nastiness does not solve problems
Losing Stewie and the rushed move
Emotions are raw
Gage's phone manners take some heat
"You will say hello and goodbye"
A call back begins and ends correctly
Gage is a quick learner

Hollywood above Sunset
Dysfunctional plumbing
Toilet and toilet paper rationing

Camarillo remodel
Meeting with Dale owner of Sport Court
Basketball is the No. 1 game played on their courts
Working on the exterior
Walls, pool, Sport Court
Camarillo client actor Brian Austin Green
Wants a Laker court complete with team colors
Horrified by the potential visual
Jeff wants to know if his wife Megan (Fox) approves
Brian Austin Green knows what he wants
Dale and Sport Court will deliver the Laker colors
Jeff's classic court concept gets kicked to the curb

Jeff Lewis Pranks Brian Austin Green

Above Sunset Matt the plumber works the hot meter
Water rationing plus very strange sounds
Jeff's main sewer line is backed up
A camera goes into the sewer line to investigate
Aggressive roots due to the California drought
Expensive "nightmare"
Plus the office has to be moved
Jackhammers will be directly underneath
A complicated problem with two solutions
Jeff needs to contact Hollywood's owner
And give her the plumbing bill
Jeff is grateful it is currently a lease

Camarillo fixtures and appliances are donated
To the American Cancer Society
Pipes burst and 30 percent of the house is flooded
A live electrical wire adds danger to the wet mess
Camarillo client handles this news incredibly well
A quick dry out and back to business

An Emergency at Brian Austin Green's House

In Hollywood hand washing has to be fast
Jeff's office Internet is not working

Camarillo clients tell Jeff they want to sell
Jeff now completes the remodel and they flip it
Blame this on the Ninja Turtles
Maybe Jeff will buy the house

Jeff's Hollywood home is a pressure cooker
Seating arrangements fan the flames of war
There is no agreeing to disagree
Jeff: "I'm coming out…again"
"I'm going to be lining this up with boys…"
Jeff is smiling pressing big red buttons
Gage's face says it all
Vanina: "This is not going to be good"

Gage and Jeff Argue Over Sofas

Gage is on the balcony…alone
He confronts Jeff
"I would never talk like that to you”
“With Jeff it always goes too far"
Jeff: "All right…I apologize"

Did Jeff Go Too Far with Gage?

Zoila enters this hot mix-up
"I'm not stupid... I'm not drunk…"
Gage thinks she does not understand
He believes there is a language barrier
Jeff translates, "Because I speak Zoila"
Vanina: "She's drunk"
Zoila exits into the pantry – oops!

Jeff feels he is being prepared for a major drought
No water at this Casa Hollywood
"I have to use the bathroom at my client's houses"
Marc the agent for the owner gets a call from Jeff
"My world revolves around a Hollywood Boulevard sewer line"

Hania our client from Pacific Palisades
Wants to design men's lingerie and sell it at Costco
She plans to include lace
Our clients are a unique bunch of bananas
I ask Jeff a question about his testicles

Jeff talks with Nastaran, the owner of above Sunset
Nastaran is willing to pay the plumbers
Jeff tells her he still wants to buy

Bumper-to-bumper freeway LA
On the phone Gage is Google Maps
And he gives Jeff a lesson in phone manners
Jeff forgot to say goodbye

Next on the Season Finale of Flipping Out
"Are you guys planning on getting married?"
This question from "a beautiful uterus"
Jeff and Gage meet a surrogate
My rap video is a reality…what have I done?
An unhappy client: "It doesn't even look like my house anymore"
The Zoila-Gage war heats up
Zoila: "I don't want to stay in this, in the middle"
Jeff: "I never want you to leave ever"

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