Lisa Edelstein's Utterly Empowering Advice for Single Women Traveling Solo: "Don't Wait!"

Lisa Edelstein's Utterly Empowering Advice for Single Women Traveling Solo: "Don't Wait!"

The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce beauty says, "It’s important to have the adventures you want"... right now!

By Alesandra Dubin
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Advice for Single Women Traveling Solo in Their 40s

If you find yourself newly single, or perhaps perpetually single in your 40s — or indeed at any age — don't put your life on hold while you wait to meet someone. In short, #YOLO! Just go for it.

So goes the advice of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce's Lisa Edelstein — who knows a thing or two about it from her own experience. 

"Ironically, I didn’t really start seeing the world until I was on House, and for that whole stretch, for those seven years, if I had a week off I left the country and I went to places I wanted to see — by myself," she told Jet Set (clip above).

Or sometimes she got inspired thanks to a nudge from a fleeting new flame. "As a single woman, a lot of times I would get a boyfriend form another country and then go to that country," she said, adding, "But that was me having a good time — you certainly don’t need to do that!"

But no matter the specifics of the circumstances, Lisa is all about just embracing the jet-set life — and indulging yourself. "One of my favorite trips was [when] I went to Thailand by myself. I read this enormous book on a beach, by myself, in a beautiful resort that was all couples.

In short, she said, "I think it’s really important to treat yourself and to have the adventures you want to have and not wait for somebody to have them with."
Amen to that, sister!

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