4 Unanswered Questions from the #GG2D Finale

Are Barbara and Abby really starting "Lady Parts" together?

This season of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce has left the ladies with a lot of freedom and the viewers with a lot of questions. We'll have to wait until Season 4 for answers, but until then here are the things we need to know ASAP!

1. Will Abby and Barbara really launch their own website?

And if so, can they really work together on "Lady Parts" without ruining their friendship?

2. Will Phoebe choose JD or Gemma?

It looks like she may not be truly ready to settle down into a simpler life with JD.

3. Will Jo and Albert get together?

This new zen boxing class may lead to a love connection, but if so, what will Delia think?

4. Is Delia leaving her job?

It seems like she's more interested in her new volunteer work, but can she give up her high-powered divorce attorney lifestyle?

While you wait for answers, you can at least steal some of the Girlfriends' best beauty secrets:

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