Review: Halo Top's Festive New Gingerbread Flavor Is *Almost* Perfect

Review: Halo Top's Festive New Gingerbread Flavor Is *Almost* Perfect

So rich, so spicy! But..

By Alesandra Dubin

Let me first say that I am no food purist. I don't need ice cream to be slowly churned by hand in front of my eyes, using only two ingredients or whatever. In fact, I don't even prefer it: I like my ice cream to be readily available in my freezer, packaged so that it is roughly appropriate to eat entirely in one sitting, and with a calorie content capable of being negated in the time it takes to do half a spinning class with Khloe Kardashian. So I have always been a devout Halo Top person.

Also because Halo Top has actual nutritional value in the form of protein and fiber. And because it just tastes great — holler if you feel me, and I know a lot of you do, because the cult-favorite brand is America's top-selling pint!

So now it's winter holiday time, and you well know that festive foods are filling grocery store shelves again with a certain deranged intensity, and I'm pretty much on board for them since I like to think of myself as someone who is festive AF when I am not too tired to be.

Enter: Halo Top's new Gingerbread House flavor.

I could have driven out to the actual brick-and-mortar Halo Top scoop shop to try it since I live in Los Angeles (which you already knew because I just made a nonchalant reference to riding stationery bikes with celebrities), but traffic. So the brand sent me some to try out and review at home. Can't beat that commute.

Without further ado, here's what I think: Halo Top Gingerbread House is good, you guys. It's really good. It's extremely flavorful, very spicy. Spicy in a way that tastes almost artisanal. And it's also very creamy, in the way you might expect a much more fatty ice cream to be. The key, as Halo Top types already know, is you absolutely must remove the pint from the freezer a good 10 minutes (or more) before you plan to eat it. 

At 360 calories, it's also a bigger caloric investment than some of my other favorite pints, such as Vanilla Bean or Mint Chip, which come in at 240. I think those added calories do come through as added value in the the creamy taste and texture, and it's holiday time anyway, so what's 120 calories difference. That's like a handful of mints you grabbed from the bowl in some random tinsel-decked lobby you just walked through.

Now here's my one single gripe with Gingerbread House: I really love textures, and I like them to be as contrast-y as possible. In this case, the mixed-in gingerbread bits blend a little too much with the rest for my tastes. I'd prefer they stood out more, texturally, as mini taste explosions.

Overall, though, a pretty incredible holiday pint. Halo Top Gingerbread House FTW!

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