No Turkeys Here: Thanksgiving Decor That You Can Actually Use Year-Round

No Turkeys Here: Thanksgiving Decor That You Can Actually Use Year-Round

Items that aren't too, ya know, Thanksgiving-y. 

By Courtney Thompson

If you know anything about me, you know that I don’t just like holiday décor, I flat out love it. My spooky Halloween decorations break out of their coffin (er, storage bin) in late September and my Christmas trimmings take up half our attic. Thanksgiving, however, is the season I struggle with. Why? Because it’s hard to justify splurging on décor for this quickie holiday window — it’s just three weeks after Halloween, after all. And by the time I put my mummies away, we’ve got even fewer days left til Thanksgiving.

Also: This holiday is about being thankful, feeling grateful for all you’ve got and cherishing your loved ones. It’s less about tinsel and elves and presents the way that Christmas is, and more about cozy family time. That said, I still feel inclined to decorate when I’m hosting the big day. The struggle is real, friends!

Below I’ve rounded up 15 beautiful, Thanksgiving-appropriate décor pieces that will make your house feel festive leading up to the big day — but that will work just as well every other day of the year. From gorgeous wooden servingware to rustic planters, from thoughtful hanging signs to pretty indoor wreaths, these are the items that are well worth the investment, because they don’t expire on November 26th. That’s right, seasonal-esque that feels appropriate year-round. You’re welcome. 

Bungalow Rose Duval Floral Lazy Susan

Fall-esque, but not pigeon-holed with a turkey or a scarecrow, this beautiful lazy Susan will be an entertaining showstopper whenever you pull it out. Hand-painted in India, the piece looks like something you picked up on your travels (and not ordered from Wayfair!) The 22-inch size can work as a table centerpiece or a countertop serving platter.

Cotton Plant Garland

Looking for a neutral mantle filler that doesn't scream, "Thanksgiving!"? This is it. Warm and cozy during the autumn months, crisp and homey during the spring in summer. The 71-inch garland is comprised of cotton, wire and paper and can be bended and molded to conform to whatever space you'd like to place it (mantle, staircase, tabletop, wherever!). Heads up: The garland arrives a bit compressed and needs to be tweaked and fluffed to reach its full potential.

Wishbone Trivet

Wishbones are no longer exclusive to Turkey Day, thanks to this whimsical trivet that can bring good luck every time you use it.

Thankful Heart Wall Décor

But you just really NEED something says "thankful" in your dining room? Okay, this rustic, farmhouse-chic sign will be a warm-hearted sentiment that you won't feel woefully dated come August. The best part? The piece looks FAR more expensive than it really is. Who doesn't like that?

Leaf Metallic Gold Bowl

A gilded gold bowl is never a bad idea, and the fact that this one is leaf-shaped can make sense as your table centerpiece all year long.

Lucky Pig Ceramic Bowl

Was there ever a more perfect vessel for a Thanksgiving side dish? I think not. The great news is that this little piggy is just as cute in June as he is in November. And it's solid ceramic material means that its sturdy enough for even kiddos to handle. Bonus: It's dishwasher-, microwave- and oven-safe. Sweet!

Birch Votive Candleholder

Wintry-feeling in the autumn, woodsy-feeling in the summer. Rustic and pretty regardless of the season. Done and done. 

Live Olive And Eucalyptus Wreath

Listen, I love me a seasonal wreath. But the Thanksgiving window is just so short. Eschew one bedecked with pumpkins and pilgrim hats, and opt instead for this eucalyptus beauty that provides a earthy pop of color indoors.

Ivory Beaded Pumpkin Mini Pillow

I'm not a total Grinch when it comes to autumn decor ... I'll allow a pumpkin, as long as it comes in the form of a neutral, beaded pillow that will look pretty on your living room chair all year long. 

Round So Very Grateful Sign

This pretty little sign is a lovely reminder that we should be thankful for what we've got 365 days a year, not just on Thanksgiving.

Welcome Outdoor Door Mat

You know what would be a waste? A seasonal doormat that is only appropriate a few weeks a year. Instead, opt for this one, which does exactly what its supposed to — welcome your guests.

Preserved Pumpino Vase Filler

Give me ALL the autumnal hues, mmmm k? This vase filler is a pretty pop of color for every season.

Faux Wood Concrete Planter

Rustic and woodland-inspired, this planter works indoors or out, and will be just at home housing mums in the fall as it will be hosting tulips in the spring.

Terrain Pumpkin Pot

Sure, this is pumpkin-shaped, but its pretty earthy tone makes it the perfect spot for your plants anytime of year.

Teak Slab Serving Board

Perfect for showcasing your holiday charcuterie, this teak serving board is gorgeous no matter the holiday.

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