Let's Stay Outside Longer, Shall We? These 6 Warming Products Make It Happen

Let's Stay Outside Longer, Shall We? These 6 Warming Products Make It Happen

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean it's time to go inside.

By Katie Leahy

As someone born, raised, and currently living in New England, it’s safe to assume I love living in an area that has four very distinct seasons. Every couple of months you get to appreciate the unique change each brings — the new growth in the spring, the hot endless days in the summer, the changing leaves and crispness of the fall, and the first snowfall of the winter. I can’t say I necessarily have a favorite or least favorite season... but I can admit I'm filled with a sense of panic when winter approaches. 

And I know I'm not the only one! Depending on where you live, winter means up to five months where you won't have the option to hang out on the back patio for the night or the ability to entertain guests with lawn games and coolers. But fear not, because we found a solution! That's right, the cool (or even freezing) temps no longer mean you're trapped indoors. I found a slew of products to keep you outside all winter long. 

 Here are the best outdoor heating products to use this winter.

The Heater

Quite possibly the most effective heating product on this list, this propane fueled heater by AZ Patio Heaters is available in a stainless steal or black finish. This heater also comes with an adjustable table for storage or entertaining and wheels for easy maneuvering.  Among the more important features included are the thermcouple and anti-tilt safety devices, which makes this a family-friendly option for your outdoor space.

The Fire Pit

If you aren't familiar with the Polywood brand, now is the time to change that. The producer of outdoor furniture makes it all from durable plastic resin, so the Polywood products look like crisp wood (but with no fading, splinters, or upkeep!) and are available in a rainbow of colors. This fire pit lives up to the hype and is the perfect way to set the mood for your outdoor gatherings. With an easy push button ignition, adjustable flames, and the option to fuel with natural gas or propane, this table is the perfect solution if you need to stay warm on fall nights. (Plus, it's less mess and work than a wood burning pit!)

The Chair

This collapsible, easy-to-transport chair comes with a rechargeable battery to keep you warm while chilling out. Perfect for the soccer sidelines on a freezing November day or for impromptu December cocktails in your backyard with friends, this chair is worth the hype. It has four temperature settings, which gives you the flexibility to use it during slightly cool weather or on a straight up frigid day.

The Blanket

Time to snuggle up and get cozy under this outdoor blanket! The lightweight design won't bog you down, but the down filling and water resistant material are sure to keep you toasty in the elements. With nine different color options and three different sizes to choose from, this blanket is a must have (in maybe a few different colors!).

The Food


Now that you're warm and comfortable, it's time to eat! The Weber smoker is the perfect fall cooking tool — it's made with porcelain-enameled steel and is charcoal powered. The 18-inch option has 481 square inches of cook surface to smoke your favorite beef, poultry, fish, or veggies. There's also the option to size up to the 22-inch or down to the 14-inch to fit your storage needs. Fully loaded with a built-in thermometer and individual vents on both the bowl and lid to control the heat, this smoker will not disappoint!  

The Food Heater

How do you keep all the delish food warm, you ask? Look no further than this soapstone platter. Heat it for 20 to 30 minutes in the oven and the platter will keep your food warm for approximately 45 minutes. BONUS: The soapstone can also be chilled to keep your food cold all summer long, making it a year-round hero!


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