Want a Bigger House? Try One of These Magical Entryway Mirrors

Want a Bigger House? Try One of These Magical Entryway Mirrors

And you can get one for less than $40!

By Katherine Kluznik

I have an admission: As much as I love my family, until recently, I didn’t always love walking through the front door in the evening. It had nothing to do with them. The problem was my entryway itself. It didn’t exactly shout Welcome home! In fact, it didn’t say much of anything. Its only decoration? A pile of shoes and an uninspiring bowl for keys.

But all that changed with one impulse buy: a hall-transforming, life-overhauling purchase otherwise known as an entryway mirror. (This one, to be exact.)

The moment I unwrapped it and hung it on the wall, the whole space changed, almost like magic. Instead of feeling like a dead zone between the outdoors and the rest of my home, my entry became a welcoming introduction to my house.

And I’m honestly a little embarrassed that I didn’t make the change earlier. I mean, it’s not exactly a design secret. If you’ve ever sold your home, chances are your realtor instructed you to do two things to prep for an open house: 1) Bake cookies 2) Put up an entryway mirror.

We can’t help you with a magical 24/7 cookie oven (sorry), but we can assist on the mirror front, with the 10 gorgeous and practical options ahead that will make your space feel instantly bigger (like, twice as big, seriously) and more put together—and also ensure you’ll never again leave the house with accidentally crazy hair.

Anthropologie ‘Sunstar’ Mirror


Zuo Dual Mirror Gold


Patton Wall Decor Mirror


Stratton Home Decor ‘Stella’ Mirror


Project 62 Brass Mirror with Shelf


Umbra ‘Hub’ Mirror


Madame Antoinette Salon Accent Mirror


George & Co. Shelf Mirror


Wrought Studio ‘Rhein’ Mirror


One Allium Way Mirror

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