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Fringe Benefits: Not-Too-Hippie Ways to Decorate with Tassels and Trim

Sometimes, cozy home decor is all about living on the edge.

By Angela Law

I know you secretly love tassels and fringe. We all do. They’re so delightful! How could you not? But for some reason, there’s something that won’t allow us to fully indulge in our fringe-loving ways. We convince ourselves that clean lines are more sophisticated. That boring will stand the test of time better. That tassels are for old people and fringe is for Coachella-goers.

Listen, I used to be anti-froufrou, too. But then I started seeing all kinds of trim on fashion runways. I would go over to a friend’s house and see a tassel here or a fringe there and be completely enamoured by how modern — and totally adorable — these ornamentations looked. Tassels and fringe have been around forever and they’ve always represented that extra little something. Don’t we all just want a little extra something in our lives? A little flair can zhush up any room! 

If what you're looking for is character, texture, or warmth, try adding some home accessories with trim. These days, there’s a fringe and tassel for every style of decor.

Below, I’ve included a selection of fringe and tassel home decor items ranging from classic to modern. Let the fun begin!


Fringe Decorative Pillow

Pillows are probably the easiest, most non-committal way to test the tassel trend at your home. Made of soft cotton, these cushions are not only decorative but also functional.

Embroidered Border Curtain

Add a little texture and detail to the room with these playful curtains. They're just opaque enough to block out most of the sun and insulate the window, but slightly sheer so that the room stays light and airy.

Oahu Fringe Pendant

How incredibly chic! Nobody would ever expect a fringe chandelier. It's a pleasant surprise every time you look up.

Fringe Blanket

This organic cotton blanket is a great layering piece. It's also fair trade, which makes it ever more snuggable.

Canyon Fringe Hammock

For those of you with a big, open common area, please promise me you will consider hanging a hammock indoors. You owe it to the rest of us! I promise you there is nothing more luxurious than hammocking in the bug-free, temperature-controlled comfort of your own home.

Decorative Basket Pillowfort Natural

This is the perfect container for books, toys, or crafts. Get a few and make it a matching storage story.

Pangburn Hand-Woven Black/Gray Area Rug

This handwoven rug is made of polyester, making it perfect for high-trafic areas. It's a tassel look that would work well with any mid-century decor. 

Brass Ring Hanging Planter With Fringe

Three things I love: 1) brass, 2) hanging planters, and 3) showing off of my green thumb. I guess that makes this vessel my new best friend.

Odell Manor 3-Piece Decorative Box Set with Tassel

Instead of one big junk drawer, keep your knickknacks properly sorted with these cute ornamental boxes. Each container has a mirror inside so this set also works great for jewelry and on vanities.

Striped Cotton Tablecloth

Unlike most H&M clothing, this tablecloth might actually last you a while. If you are not familiar with the H&M home line, get yourself acquainted — there are great deals to be had.

Lyra Rose Macrame Portal

This light, playful curtain makes for a great pseudo room divider if you could afford to not have a real wall. It's the ideal way to cordon off sections in small spaces — think bed area in a studio — because it won't truncate the room.

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