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Should You Buy an Upholstered Bed Online? This One Has 9,000 Positive Reviews

Including mine.

By Courtney Thompson

Shopping online is clearly, obviously, a no-brainer these days. Why even bother going to a drug store any more when Amazon can get the products you want (nay, need!) to you in mere hours? Same goes for the big-box items we used to have to head to a major retailer for — mattresses, couches, rugs and more. But convenience aside, there are some products where you just struggle clicking “purchase,” because every time you’re about to, that voice in your head is saying, “What’s if it’s not a quality product?”

As anyone who’s ever had a large product delivered knows, there’s nothing worse than opening a dozen boxes, taking out all the components (damn you, Styrofoam!) and spending hours putting it together … only to discover that it is, as my husband loves to say, “a piece of sh*t.” Whether it turns out to be rickety or not at all what it looked like in the online photos, learning you hate the humongous product you spent time researching, waiting for, unpacking, and building — well, it’s the worst.

You know what helps when you’re in this conundrum? Reviews. I realize that it’s 2018 and online reviews have been around as long as the internet has existed, but let’s face it, when that voice in your head is questioning a purchase, the sheer amount of reviews backing that product is going to give you peace of mind about pulling the trigger. Especially when there are thousands of them!

Like Wayfair’s number-one selling bed, for instance. When considering an online upholstered headboard and frame you might hesitate, wondering if it’s going to be solid and sturdy and supportive and luxurious. But in this case, the Three Posts Maryport Upholstered Panel Bed is backed with (as of today) 8,818 reviews. Of those, 6,767 shoppers have given the bed a five-star rating.

Let’s delve into what a sampling of the reviewers had to say:

— "Absolutely Amazing!!! From shipping, delivering, to putting it together. Every piece was packaged with detail to ensure that no pieces would come damaged. It only took me an hour or so to put the bed together and the directions were easy to read. The quality of the material is great and it looks way more expensive than what I paid for it.”

— "LOVE my new bed. Researched for weeks. was about to pay Waaay more for one just like it. Took the risk and ordered it. High quality & very sturdy. No need for box spring. The headboard is adjustable so you can get the height you want. Very easy to put together. Came very well packaged and sooner than expected. Great buy for the price.”

— “This bed is BEYOND sturdy. Every single slat is supported by numerous legs metal adjustable legs that cinch down until they are flush with the floor. This thing does not move, creak, sway, and took a 210lb Marine running across the room and swan diving into the center of it without a sound. To say we love this bed is an understatement.”

Emboldened by my fellow shoppers’ satisfaction, I decided to try the Maryport. Previously, my mattress and boxspring were atop a metal bed frame, which to me felt sort of college-esque? Unsightly? I have hated it for ages, but we want to redo our master eventually and we’ll need a new bedroom set, so why spend money on something now if in a few years we’ll be getting rid of it blah, blah, blah. All homeowners have this conversation with themselves, right?!

OK, so back to Maryport. Upon her arrival, the Wayfair delivery team carried four boxes up to my bedroom, and then it up was up to my husband and I to put it together. As parents to four little kids, the two of us have put A LOT of gear together, from cribs to tricycles, so we’re sadly familiar with terrible, barely legible instructions — some written in Chinese, some with no words at all. To our joint relief, this bed’s directions were thorough and actually made sense.

All in all, it took us a little over two hours to build. We did need a drill and there were lots of screws and washers and slats and feet, but you know what the result was? A freaking solid bed. I opted for the beige color and am THRILLED with how upscale and soothing it looks. Seriously, I’ve eyed similar beds from ritzier brands that cost thousands, and this one, in a king size, cost $568. Not chump change, but for the quality, it’s a steal. 

If you're into the tufted, wingbacked look of an upholstered bed, this is the one you can feel good about buying online, sight unseen. I swear.

Three Posts Maryport Upholstered Panel Bed

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