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NeNe: "A Pre-Nup is Not a Bad Thing"

NeNe explains why a pre-nup was important to her and dishes on the heated counseling session.

By Nene Leakes

Where do I start, what do I say, how do I say it?! Welcome to I Dream of Nene: The Wedding! Did I just say that? I'm so proud of it! You know I've always been that girl that doesn't really do anything unless my gut agrees. Sharing my family and remarriage to Gregg with all of you brings tears to my eyes!

Let's talk about the pre-nup. I didn’t realize so many people would comment on me wanting a pre-nup! I believe in being smart and handling business upfront! I’m no kid and I understand that relationships can be very good but can also go very bad. The worst fights are sometimes between people who were once in love. A pre-nup is not a bad thing, but I don’t think they’re super common among African American households. I thought of my pre-nup the same way I thought of my will. It’s not pleasant to talk about, but it's needed!

I think a large majority of people look at pre-nups as a bad thing or someone not wanting to share, and that's not the case at all. I want to share, and I would never want to see Gregg down even if I wasn’t with him. I just think it's best for us to work out our differences now before they ever start! Gregg is a smart successful man that has achieved a lot in life, so we are not talking about somebody that doesn't have anything. He's successful in his own right! Therapy:  The first time around with Gregg was amazing, but we hit a major bump in the road that caused us to crash right into divorce! Some would consider Gregg old school or an O.G. if you will! I will be the first to say his thinking can be a bit dated, which is why I wanted him to see a relationship therapist. One of our biggest issues was that Gregg wasn’t a good communicator. Enter Dr. Jeff! I wanted Dr. Jeff to just help Gregg understand that communication is a major key in a relationship and that it was something I truly needed from him! I believe you should know what your partner’s needs are and try to give them that.

The other issue was Gregg's children from his previous marriage. I definitely needed Dr. Jeff's help with this one! Gregg has always separated his two families, so I never know what he's telling them and I felt like I have been labeled a “Step Monster” because of the way Gregg has chosen to handle this blended families issue. I never thought Gregg would bite Dr. Jeff's head off, but he did LOL! Dr. Jeff handled it well, and although it didn’t look like it, I think Dr. Jeff made a break through!

Ready to Kill The Counselor
Tune in for that next week and meet three of my Atlanta Bridesmaid-zillas and all of Gregg's children! Thanks for watching! I love you all and I’m grateful you are supporting me on this journey!

Respect the Bloodline

Nene Leakes  

P.S. This is not about a wedding, it's about a marriage!
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