8 Things We Learned About 'The Walking Dead' From IAS

8 Things We Learned About 'The Walking Dead' From IAS

Including exclusive interviews you didn't see in Thursday's episode - you're welcome TWD fans. 

By Rachael Roberts

When it comes to getting deets out of guests, no one does it quite like James Lipton. So when the cast of The Walking Dead appeared on Thursday's Inside the Actor's Studio, Walking Dead Heads - and Dixon's Vixens - were in for a treat. From caps on how many Walkers Michonne is allowed to kill to to creator Robert Kirkman explaining why people "gotsta die" to the fact that Daryl wasn't supposed to make it past Season 1, The Walking Dead cast and crew did not hold back. The only thing we didn't learn? If Rick and the gang will get out of Alexandria alive - Sunday can't come fast enough! 

1. Daryl was supposed to die - Season 1!

Really, the best part of this video is Norman Reedus' shock and disappointment. "Episode 4, Season 1?!" 

2. Your Favorite Show Almost Didn't Exist, Guys

Thank the TV gods we didn't have to suffer through Lazer Zombies and got the greatness that is TWD.  

3. Michonne Really Has No Last Name

Danai Gurira even admitted she'd been wondering the same thing when James pointed out he could never find a last name for her in all his two months of research. But creator Robert Kirkman explained, "If you don't give a character a last name, you don't have to remember what that last name is." Pretty simple.

4. Lauren Cohan Almost Quit Because of THAT Scene.

Nothing like performing an emergency c-section killing a woman to make you head for the hills. 

5. How The Show Made Norman Reedus a Better Dad

Somehow it's fitting that killing zombies has made Norman become even better.  

6. Why No one is Ever Safe on TWD

Robert Kirkman explains why the threat of characters dying is the engine that drives the magic of the show - so, don't get too attached, people! 

7. How Exactly They Make the Dead Walk

Hint: it's not that easy to create this horrific walking artwork. 

8. Norman Reedus Steals Crossbows From Set

Apparently Norman loves the crossbow as much as Daryl Dixon. 

But seriously, is it Sunday yet?

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