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Unspoken and Unresolved

Jenni was glad Elizabeth finally opened up to Kristin.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Kristin and her fiancé, Cash, share their house with her widowed mother, Elizabeth, and her poodle, Babette.

We couldn't miss the major cracks in the planter as we approached their door.

Babette couldn't help but growl when Jeff and I walked in. 
Dogs are more intuitive than people!

Elizabeth was grieving the loss of her husband and her home. She was consoled by carrying Babette in a pink carrier as body armor and possibly to heal her broken heart.

Can't Move On from the Past
Elizabeth's decoration domination had Cash and Kristin existing in her overstuffed, overcrowded yesterday. The house did not feel as if they lived there.

Elizabeth could not deal with the present and was gripping onto past good memories. We have seen this repeatedly -- it is hard to let items go, because they are tied to good memories. You must let go, but it does not mean you must forget.

Elizabeth and Kristin spar and spar and...spar. Cash is a spectator for two strong women at war. The unspoken and unresolved are not air fresheners. Resentment is not a decor option.

Elizabeth opens up to us about her pain and loss. Jeff tells her gently to move on with her life: "Your stuff is ugly, we have to get rid of it." This is his idea of an empathetic start point.

The assignment: donate or sell. He also explains how a design rethink will give peace a chance.

Jeff can see that Kristin being harsh with her mother does not produce the best results and tells her so. He explains that he would rather have his mother alive and deal with the bickering.

We take Cash and Kristin shopping for their voice in the living and dining room design. Rosie is a handsome man working for Jeff who might make Zoila's life electric!
Zoila Gets Digits

Zoila helps with the boxes of Elizabeth's clothing. The “if you are not using it, let it go” philosophy provides a workout room for Kristin.

Jeff advises Elizabeth to have a heart to heart with her daughter clearing the air for a new beginning. The results are a three way triumph. Every end is a new beginning... wow!

The reveal has a happy Babby giving Jeff poodle kisses!

We all had victories!

A week well spent!
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