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Is Zoila Defecting?

Seems like Zoila Chavez wouldn't mind staying with the Lorsches permanently either.

By Zoila Chavez

When I was walking up to this house, I was thinking, "God *#@^ it. Jeffrey's going make me clean this?"

Bob and Kira have a big big house. When I met and saw them for a few days, I liked them. He is a good boss with the employees and treats people nicely.

The stuff inside their house looked like he saved a lot of things. He's a little like a nice hoarder, like me. Maybe his things are more expensive than Zoila's, like the $200,000 magic carpet. Sorry Bob -- Jeffrey doesn't like people like us to hold onto things. One time I came home from my weekend away and found my closet reorganized and half my clothes donated. Jeffrey's a bad boy.

Jeffrey likes this client because they have a chef and a jacuzzi and many people that waited on him. For me, I liked that someone else was cleaning (a few people), someone else managed the house, and there was a tennis court. I loved playing the tennis.

The gallery was amazing to see after. I was so scared to even touch the frames because I thought the art was so expensive. That is what I was telling Jeffrey a lot, "Sorry I didn't clean because I worried I'll breaking." Bob and Kira were so happy and they will be able to do a lot of nice things with the new gallery and making money for charities.

Watch out Jeffrey Lewis -- maybe Mr. Bob wants Zoila to clean all the time? Maybe I will be the supervisor of the housekeepers?

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