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Jeff and Pol's Explosion

Jenni recounts the remodel of the "House on Haunted Hill."

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis Destination: Tujunga, California

Jeff thinks Pol and Patrik are living in "The House on Haunted Hill."  I think we are in the middle of "BFE." The name Tujunga is assumed to mean "old woman's place" in an extinct Native American language. I swear, I did not make that up!

Jeff says "Grey Gardens" before we walk into the house. We meet Pol and Patrik and Pol's dainty canine companion, Snow White. Pol is identified by his partner Patrik as "the design problem." Jeff says "it feels like an abandoned crack house" looking at all the dirt and decay. We sit down with them and Jeff is carefully diplomatic, but truthful. They are living in chaos and Patrik says they fight about it all the time. Looking at the state of this house Jeff wonders if they are being honest. They talk about their lifestyle, which makes Jeff think they're loony. Jeff tells me he is looking at over ten years of serious household neglect AND WE HAVE FIVE DAYS!

The House You Break Into on Halloween
Rebuilding has to take place for both the house and its occupants. We want to give them an inspiring start. The clutter, mold, mildew and mice have to go. Jeff is worried about eating food prepared here and mentions taking antibiotics. Patrik says Pol has to control every single thing. Jeff tells them they are living in "Polville"and it's not pretty. Patrik seems to always give in and is very unhappy about it. Pol's response is "Snow White has to tinkle" and exits. Before we can really help here Pol has to let go and trust Jeff, something Patrik appears to have an easier time doing. Pol panics at the sight of the large dumpster outside.

Zoila says "haunted house" before entering, and I can't help thinking this house is "sad and broken."

Donate and de-clutter are not progress, but a personal attack as far as Pol is concerned. The sound of wall breaking and ripping out windows sends Pol into a frenzy. The demolition crew are told by Jeff to disregard all but his orders. We leave Patrik, Pol and Snow White hearing crashing sounds and go to lunch. Badly needed major construction requires quite a few sledgehammers. Pol screams at the workers to stop and they just keep pounding away. 

This house needs furniture and we all go shopping. At this point even Snow White gets hostile. Pol and Patrik are at opposite ends of the design spectrum and Jeff suggests "a blend."
Returning to his house in progress Pol is not happy with the window and his new view. His fireplace has vanished, so in a rage he makes a large hole in one of the new walls and draws on another with a sharpie. Jeff tries to explain that time limits what can be accomplished. The Motel 6 comment by Pol....uh oh. A major explosion takes place between Pol and Jeff. Emotions run wild Patrik and Paul drive off. They say they have had so many bad experiences with contractors.

Determined to Have a Fireplace

Calming down allows the realization of all the hard work that is being done for their benefit. Pol comes back with flowers, a balloon and an apology for Jeff. We all are making progress.

They are sent to the hotel early so the work can proceed at super speed. At the hotel they admit the state of the house is a mirror of their relationship. Pol sees he is a control freak and they begin walking the road to honest relationship recovery. Vanina helps Jeff and I with frosted and clear creating a beautiful chandelier that Pol and Patrik will hopefully appreciate. 

Andy who is so easy and fun to scare is paid a visit by Leatherface. Frightened, he is not able to control his body functions.
Patrik and Pol are in blissful shock with Jeff's final design result ... absolutely "blown away." Pol says he loves everything about everything and collapses "overwhelmed with joy." Patrik says the house has a happiness it has not had in years and feels like home.

Jeff Lewis has again worked his magic.

Feeling underestimated and unappreciated by his clients he kept his focus and the result is outstanding. Snow White now has happy parents and a beautiful start to a new home.

Fun Fact: Pol was convinced I was pregnant when we were filming, and I found out during this episode I indeed was! Pol knows dresses and pregnant ladies...

Next Week on Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis: A Brazilian Wax! 
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