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The Belles: Where Are They Now?

Find out what your favorite Southern Belles have been up to since the Season Finale of 'Jersey Belle.'

jersey-belle-luci.jpg Tell us all about your new man! Is the fairy tale real?

Luci Beavers: I am happily dating and we are taking time to enjoy it. I absolutely still believe the fairy tale exists and still believe one day it will happen for me. What have you been up to since this Season of Jersey Belle ended?

Luci: I am enjoying growing my career, having some new opportunities for travel and spending time with my children.  I have had lots of new amd exciting opportunities come in to my life. I am looking forward to see how they develop . What was your favorite moment from the show this Season?

Luci: I don't know that I have a favorite moment. The trip to New Jersey was probably my favorite time on the show. We had so much fun from the bar on Friday night to roller skating to eating the best pizza ever!

jersey-belle-season-1-jersey-trip-08.jpg What have you been up to since this Season of Jersey Belle ended?

Danielle Yancey: I rescued a homeless dog off a country road near my hometown and named him Trooper. He is adjusting to being spoiled and having a new life of love and having two new siblings. Sweet Pea & Willie are welcoming him into their home, too. I am still decorating my home and making final touches for a national magazine photo shoot. I have been practicing yoga almost daily and enticing Jaime into practicing yoga poses with me. Also, getting more involved with animal rescue organizations and helping raise awareness to "Spay & Neuter your Pet,"and, "Adopt, Don't Shop!" My three pups are even walking down the runway along with me to raise awareness! Is there any good news on the baby front you’re willing to share?

Danielle: I am visiting a holistic doctor in Atlanta now that is looking into my endometriosis and the tumor on my pituitary gland more. Adjusting my diet, too. I am still going to acupuncture regularly in Birmingham. What was your favorite moment from the show this Season?

Daneille: I loved the moment when Jaime saw her birthday cake and she was so happy and also how sweetly she thanked me for her birthday dinner party at my house. What did you learn this Season?

Danielle: I learned more about our friendships and how Jaime loves us Southern belles.
jersey-belle-season-1-jamie-birthday-12.jpg Any updates on the new home, and how has the first year of married life been?

Arden Upton: We are working hard on finalizing our plans for our new home at Windwood. Both William and I win on the size, we are starting small with a master plan that is expandable as our lives and family grow (we are working on trying for a family too). The style is very old world European with lots of textures and of course a great view of the entire farm.

Our first year of married life has been very exciting. We have done a good bit of traveling together with the horses who are doing great in the show ring. William is working on his pilot license and I am loving documenting the process, it is a life long dream of his to have his to fly. We will celebrate our one year anniversary in Charleston, South Carolina as well as my 35th birthday. What have you been up to since this Season of Jersey Belle ended?

Arden: Life has been super busy. We are expecting a record number of beautiful weddings to photograph at Arden Photography in locations everywhere from St. Bart’s to Colorado. Windwood Weddings business is growing quickly and we have a full calendar of fall weddings at the farm. Brides are loving the courtyard, just like we did, for their wedding receptions. I will have a temporary exhibit of my Equus Collection photographs in the Gadsden Museum of Art and I continue to add to the collection of photos with horses from all over the world. Most recently, I added photos from Snow Polo in Cortina, Italy. Soon I will put the final touches on an outline for a wedding book. I have been present at over 700 weddings and looking forward to sharing my insider knowledge with brides across the country. What was your favorite moment from the show this Season?

Arden: My favorite moment was when Jaime turned the “fish out of water theme” table on us and we went to NJ. I loved dressing up in my roller girl outfit even though I was the only one ready for the theme party. It was exciting for people to see the lighter side of my personality. The moment reminded me of a scene from Legally Blonde. What did you learn this Season?

Arden: I learned a lot this season. I loved getting closer to all the girls on the show! We have had so much fun together. I have enjoyed interacting with our viewers and fans. What I learned is everyone has a story and everyone wants the same things. It is awesome that this show really allows viewers the ability to see the positive and uplifting side of female relationships and that we can all be inspired by each other.
jersey-belle-season-1-jamie-birthday-15.jpg What have you been up to since this Season of Jersey Belle ended?

Scarlett Simmons: Getting back into a routine after a fun summer of traveling with my husband and two kids. Jaime and I are planning a road trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for The University of Alabama football game. Stay tuned to see how that turns out. Roll Tide! What was your favorite moment from the show this Season?

Scarlett: It's a toss up between Arden's wedding and the birthday dinner party at Danielle's. It's always a fun time when you get The Belles together with all of the husbands. What did you learn this Season?

Scarlett: That every Belle is near and dear to my heart. I'd do anything in the world for these ladies.
jersey-belle-season-1-jamie-birthday-07.jpg What have you been up to since this Season of Jersey Belle ended?

Leigh Anne Oakley: We bought a lake house in the spring so I have been busy getting that furnished and ready for time we hope to spend there soon.  My oldest son left for IMG Sports Academy in Florida a few weeks ago and I am adjusting with just one child at home and our new puppy "Bo."  I have traveled a bunch over the past few months with friends and my husband, Oakley.  The other Belles and I have had a great summer hanging out and went home with Scarlett in June to celebrate her 40th birthday! What was your favorite moment from the show this Season?

Leigh Anne: I loved our birthday dinner at Danielle's house. That night was a blast and so much fun! It was great having everyone together at one big table. We also had a blast together at Arden's wedding which was awesome! What did you learn this Season?

Leigh Anne: I learned a lot about Jaime's family traditions and the different ways we each grew up. I witnessed such strength in each girl that I wasn't aware of before. Love these Belles!
jersey-belle-season-1-hayley-photo-diary-09.jpg What have you been up to since this Season of Jersey Belle ended?

Haley Young: Since Jersey Belle ended, I have followed on of my dreams and opened my Fit-Workout Studio. I launched during the show. October 1st is the grand opening of my new Studio right down the street from Studio Fitness, my current gym where I focus keeping pre and post pregnancy females in shape. I am single, turning 30 next year and entering a new chapter in my life that I am very excited about. What was your favorite moment from the show this Season?

Haley: My favorite moment from the show is when we all went out to Arden's Farm and had a weekend to ourselves. Everyone is so busy and focused on their families, husbands and jobs. It was so great to have a girls weekend where we could all let loose, relax and be with some of the people we care about the most! I loved seeing Jaime out of her element. She did not know what to do, but honestly think she relaxed for once!  Growing up in South Georgia, I miss the "Farm" and "Southern" outdoors. Being out of Birmingham, riding gators, shooting guns, and seeing nature brought me back to my roots. What did you learn this Season? 

Haley: I learned so much about myself this past year. I have grown as a person and am comfortable in my own skin. I look up to every one of the girls on the show and they have been here for me through it all! Jaime has always supported me, shot me straight, and is most of the time right. . .I have learned that no matter what, you can always lean on your friends. Jersey Belle was a true eye opener for me. It made me realize that I can break out of my "bubble" and be who I am. I am so thankful for this opportunity!

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