Ep 1: Knish Out of Water

Ep 1: Knish Out of Water

Season 1 |
Aired: August 4, 2014

Entertainment publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan married the man of her dreams, Michael, and gave up her beloved native New Jersey to move to Mountain Brook, Alabama, home to one of the richest zip codes in America. Brash and outspoken, Jaime struggles to fit into “the tiny kingdom," but has bonded with a group of women she loves. Tonight, Jaime continues to struggle with Southern culture. Arden is thrown when her future mother-in-law does not attend her pre-wedding tea party. Single working mom Luci thinks she’s found love again with Jeff. Danielle’s fertility issues result in her being the ultimate dog mommy. And Arden is thrown for a bigger loop when Jaime announces she’s going to miss Arden’s wedding because of work commitments in LA. 

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