Does Meghan Markle Suddenly Have a British Accent?

Does Meghan Markle Suddenly Have a British Accent?

How very Madonna of Prince Harry's bride to be. 

By Jenny Berg
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Meghan Markle Has to Follow All of These Intimidating New Etiquette Rules

As Dorit Kemsley once put it: "When you've traveled the world, you can speak in any accent." And, come to think of it, jetsetter Lindsay Lohan has put that theory to the test by speaking in her own mysterious, internationally inspired accent... So, who's to say that Californian Meghan Markle can't speak with a British tinge?

On February 13, the duchess-to-be greeted crowds in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her royal beau Prince Harry. Among the fans and well-wishers gathered at Edinburgh Castle was baker Carolyn Chisolm, who presented the future royal with some heart-shaped scones. "I just thought for Valentine's the scones were a wee gift of Scottishness," the baker said — and we can't disagree. 

But, when the festive gift was presented, witnesses overheard something of interest. Apparently, the bride-to-be handed the scones to her aide, but pronounced the name of the baked treat in a distinctly non-American way. You see, while those in the States pronounce the words with a long o, Scots refer to the treat as a "scone" (rhymes with "gone"). The things you learn! 

While it's tough to say whether or not the alleged pronunciation was part of a new trend in Markle's speech patterns, we can report that the couple headed to Social Bite Centre after their visit to the castle. No word on whether the future duchess asked about "fairy cakes" versus "cupcakes" while at the charitable cafe — or if she ordered a good, old-fashioned "cuppa." 

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