"Furious" Melania Trump Fled to Mar-a-Lago Amid Alleged Stormy Daniels Affair at $64,000 Cost to Taxpayers

"Furious" Melania Trump Fled to Mar-a-Lago Amid Alleged Stormy Daniels Affair at $64,000 Cost to Taxpayers

The First Lady required what was reported as a "spa weekend."

By Marianne Garvey

Nothing like a woman scorned — allegedly, to cost American taxpayers significant hard-earned cash.

The state of Melania Trump’s union is in question after she jetted to the spa at Mar-a-Lago following revelations of her husband Donald Trump’s affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels.

"Mrs. Trump and the president have had a tumultuous relationship at times over the years, but few episodes have roiled the peace as much as the news surrounding Ms. Daniels. The reports of a payoff blindsided the first lady, who was furious with her husband, according to two people close to the couple. She has kept a low profile since," reports The New York Times.

Donald reportedly paid her $130,000 in hush money to keep mum about the relationship, but the First Lady is the one who’s now being scrutinized for her spending.

Her getaway to the couple’s Florida resort overt the weekend, reportedly cost us taxpayers a cool $64,000.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

Every time Melania flies from Joint Base Andrews to Palm Beach International Airport on a C-32A plane, it costs taxpayers an estimated $16,168 per hour, according to the Department of Defense as reported by The New York Times. That brings her four-hour roundtrip flight to Mar-a-Lago to approximately $64,600. 

Separately, and as an additional charge, Donald apparently needed some new refrigerators aboard Air Force One — perhaps as a means of transporting the cheeseburgers for which he has a much-publicized propensity — and dropped a whopping $23.7 million in taxpayer money to upgrade them, according to Fortune. Yes, that decimal was correctly placed: nearly $24 million for airplane refrigerators. 

As for Melania, her Mar-a-Lago spa weekend was a much needed escape from her husband — or perhaps the story about her husband’s affair. And it allowed her to escape both the prying eyes of paparazzi and dodge questions from reporters on the topic. And fume in private, as would be a human reaction for anyone finding herself or himself in such a situation.

The White House has denied the allegation of an affair, and also refused to answer if any payment was made to Stormy regarding relations with Donald.

Although she plans to appear at her husband’s State of the Union address tonight, Melania has kept her distance from him. Last week, she canceled her trip to Davos, Switzerland, amid the scandal.

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