This Is Where Everyone's Going Right Now, According to Pinterest

This Is Where Everyone's Going Right Now, According to Pinterest

Here's where Pinterest trendsetters are heading — and what they're doing there.

By Karen Gardiner

While it is perhaps best known as a platform for collecting and curating style tips, recipes, and home decor inspiration, Pinterest is also a popular source of information for travel planning. As well as offering the ability to curate a visual itinerary of all the beautiful places you want to hit up (and photograph) on your next trip, it's also a solid source of travel tips. For example, you can find information on travel packing tips to maximize your carry on, or solo female travel if you are feeling nervous about hitting the road alone.

The platform also offers a peek into the latest travel trends — as identified in Pinterest's annual Travel Trend Report 2018, which has just been released.

Pinterest's so-called "Pinsights" team took a look at the 4 billion travel ideas pinned and shared on their site to find out what people are searching in relation to travel planning and what to see, do and eat. And it seems that 2018 is all about traveling solo, a topic that has seen a 593 percent increase in saves. Making the most of limited time is also on users' minds, with a 167 percent increase in long weekend ideas, and a 90 percent increase in stopover ideas — after all, why settle for a single vacation when you can squeeze two from one?

But where is everyone going on these solo long weekend trips?  It turns out that Pinterest users are increasingly sidestepping big cities for small town destinations (up 94 percent) and secret spots (up 83 percent) off the beaten track — relatedly Pinterest reports that it has has seen a rise in train travel (up 136 percent) as a way to "get out of the big cities, explore the countryside and enjoy small town stops." It seems like Pinterest users are an increasingly healthy bunch, too with bike tours up 142 percent and surf classes up 260 percent, as well as an increase in saves for food guides for vegetarians (up 218 percent) and vegans (up 183 percent). 

Another trend that saw a big increase in popularity, going up 194 percent, is visiting the filming locations for movies and TV shows like the ever-popular Game of Thrones — but we were way ahead on that one.

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