You Need to Know About the "Hidden City" Trick — It Can Cut Your Airfare in Half

You Need to Know About the "Hidden City" Trick — It Can Cut Your Airfare in Half

Travel influencer Johnny Jet is here to let you in on the hidden-city secret.

By Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet (real name: John DiScala) is the expert and blogger behind the eponymous site He appears on Forbes' list of Top 10 travel influencers, and flies an average of 150,000 miles and visits 20 countries annually. Jet Set has teamed up with the professional globe trotter to bring you an exclusive collection of Johnny Jet's pro travel tips and hacks. Here's Johnny...

The airlines do not like when I talk about the hidden city trick, nor do they like it when customers use it. So you have to be very careful as it’s against airline policy. It’s not illegal but if they catch you doing it, they could take away your miles or make you pay the full fare of the ticket. However, I’ve done it and so have plenty of my friends and I’ve never heard of anyone getting penalized or even reprimanded.

So, listen up. Depending on your destination, you can really save some money on one-way flights. Here’s how the hidden city trick works. I once needed to travel from Los Angeles (LAX) to Cleveland (CLE) and a non-stop one-way ticket was a whopping $600. I searched alternate airports and I found a ticket to Buffalo for only $230 and noticed that the flight first stopped in Cleveland on that exact same $600 flight.

I know it makes no sense since you have to take two flights instead of one and Buffalo is farther from Cleveland but that’s the airlines for you. To save money, I could have just gotten off in Cleveland and let my connecting ticket to BUF go to waste. If I had done that, I would have bought a one-way ticket and made sure not to check bags. I would also not put in my mileage account number in if I did it often. You also have to be prepared that if there’s a bad storm in Cleveland, the airline could rebook you through another hub.

To find out which flights will save you money on hidden city flights, check out The airlines tried to sue them but lost!

Press play on my video above — I'll walk you through the whole thing clearly. Good luck... and bon voyage!

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