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How I Got The Tour Manager Job: Revealed

How Tom Vise met Kathy Griffin.

The first time I met Kathy my good friend "Tall John" had brought me to her. Tall John and I started working together at a restaurant called T.G.I. Friday's in San Francisco about 15 years ago. He ended his career there within a normal amount of time and I kept going. John had quickly worked his way up the ranks here in L.A. and made it as a writer. That's when he met Kathy -- through mutual friends -- and that's how I got to meet Kathy is through Tall John.

I believe it was during either a Halloween Party or a Birthday Party about four or five years ago. This was actually my first Hollywood party; it was Kathy's house and everybody was there including all kinds of celebrities. John had brought me over there, but I can hardly remember it because I had a little to drink that night.  That was the first time I met Kathy and though it was brief she seemed really nice. It seems strange but the first time I ever had a conversation with Kathy was just this last year and I feel like I got to know her pretty well.

So you might ask, what qualifies me to be Kathy's tour manager? Not much. It's kind of on-the-job training being a tour manager for Kathy. I was in bands for a while and the level of touring we did is nothing close to this, but at least I knew how to make due on the road. Kathy and I stay in much nicer hotels than the places that my band and I would stay so it's been a very easy transition because of that. Throw in all the other stuff I'm learning and actually it's been great.

I love maps so at least I kind of know exactly where I am in the country. It's my biggest strength as tour manager and that's sort of a basic thing for a tour manager to know. Yeah I can judge the times for where we're going to be and all that but my biggest weakness is remembering the exact times where we have to be! I know exactly where we should be on the map but not remembering the times exactly for where I should be is definitely my biggest weakness.

For Kathy, I can at least brighten the mood because on the road, sometimes with Kathy, it gets intense. It's one city after the other, after the other and, ya know, a hectic schedule... Everyday it's airports and planes and this and that but, because I was in a band before, I know that you must have a good sense of humor; and since Kathy already has that too, I think she needs somebody to, ya know, bounce things back and forth instead of being a taskmaster -- something I am probably not! So basically I kind of lighten the mood and make it enjoyable for her.

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