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D-list Do's And Dont's

Patti Stanger on when to dump a celebrity.

By Patti Stanger

Dear Patti, I'm an avid Kathy fan as well as shows like "Shear Genius" and "Runway." I'm hoping you can give me some of your advice about looking your best, so important in the dating pool. So have at it Patti! What's your "best foot forward" advice for us single girls trying to grab a Mr. Right? Autumn, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Dearest Autumn, It's not just the clothes! Men love to put their hands through long, silky hair -- make sure your ends are perfectly straight and flat-ironed.

If you're a fun chick like Kathy (known for comedy, not glamour)...the best offense is a defense! Surprise attack them with a flawless, angelic face -- that means throw away your 'goth' make-up! Stick with a little blush, eyeliner, mascara, lip-gloss and a hint of goes a long way. Girl-next-door beauty can totally create the "WOW" factor!

Also, SMELL GOOD; not like Grandma! Citrus scents like lemon or grapefruit will make him want to taste you ... did someone say, "kiss me"? And as a little epilogue to this season of Kathy and her quest to date off of the D-list, I thought I might impart some final wisdom to you loyal fans who might also be looking to date a celebrity. How do you snare someone famous? Beauty and charm is not going to hold his attention as much as intrigue.

For every four questions he asks you, ask only one back. Smile, laugh at his jokes...relax. He'll expect you to delve into his personal life...don't you dare -- unless he volunteers. Be available, but not too available. If he asks you out for the next day, give him two days later. Sound interested...but make sure he knows that your schedule is booking up.

If he keeps asking you out, but refuses to give you a Saturday night, punish him with a Monday night (that's code for laundry night). If you date him for three weeks straight and he doesn't take you to an event you can be seen at (or on the red carpet)...DUMP HIM!

Count to 5 and he will beg for you back. These men generally do not get dumped without a duel. What do YOU do if you're dating a celebrity? Well because celebrities get so much attention, they tend to look for a mate that can balance the "interest" of celebdom with the "mystery" of them selves.

Since their schedules are erratic and crazy, you're going to need a lot of patience to date them. Let them lead, but fill up your week with other dates...that way you don't focus on "Mr. Hollywood". When he calls or texts you and you're not available because you're on a date, his testosterone should kick him into hunter mode -- and he'll pursue you...provided you've got the goods. Also, remember to mirror him -- only compliment him when he compliments you. This usually makes him feel like he's found a kindred spirit. Till we meet again,



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