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S5 - E7

Kathy At the Apollo

Kathy has countless groups of people that love her – the gays and, well, the gays. It dawns on her that if she were somehow able to get the African American community on her side, she'd be one step closer to getting off the D List. Her previous Bravo stand-up special called “Strong Black Woman” didn’t exactly accomplish this in the way she had hoped. Kathy decides if she’s going to try to reach the African-American community, she’s got to go to the source: The Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY. Kathy is thrilled when she lands a booking at the historic venue, but then discovers she’s actually performing at Amateur Night. Oh well, she'll take the gig. To prepare, Kathy spends an afternoon with superstar rapper, T.I. They lunch at Roscoe’s Chicken ‘n Waffles then hit the streets of Hollywood for a friendly competition to see who’s more recognizable. Kathy loses by a landslide. Next, Kathy meets with the only person savvy enough to give her the tips she needs to succeed at The Apollo: The Reverend Al Sharpton, who is also the unofficial mayor of Harlem. Not only does the Revered give Kathy phenom tips, he agrees to introduce her act as well. Now with the Reverend in tow, Kathy's ready to take The Apollo by storm. But is The Apollo ready for everyone's favorite red-headed Irish D-Lister?

Aired: 07/20/2009