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S5 - E4

Paris Is My New BFF

In order to expand her fan base demographic, Kathy decides she needs to immerse herself in “Young Hollywood.” She decides she should join Facebook, overhaul her wardrobe and try to get a guest spot on a hip show like Gossip Girl. Kathy puts her 88-year-old mother in charge of creating her Facebook page. After all, Maggie used to be a trained secretary so this should be right up her ally. Kathy then tries to get on Gossip Girl, but instead winds up doing a guest spot on the CW show Privileged. Kathy next seeks out young Hollywood princess, Paris Hilton. The new BFFs spend the day buying trendy clothes on the paparazzi haven Robertson Blvd. After stopping to pose for the hundreds of photographers that are trailing their every move, Kathy and Paris go hang out at a hotel pool, as the A-List young Hollywood do. They talk about boys, flirting and make a call to fellow BFF Snoop Dog.

Aired: 06/29/2009