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S6 - E8

Maggie: The Musical

Kathy Griffin just can’t keep from swearing – even when she’s hosting CNN's live New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper. Her mouth has a mind of its own and, once again, Kathy has embarrassed her mom, Maggie. But this time, she’s embarrassed Maggie in front of her friends and co-residents at her swanky new senior living facility where she is trying to fit in (it's high school all over again among this senior set). To make amends, Kathy agrees to perform for Maggie's new friends at their talent night. And this crowd likes a good musical so Kathy's got her work cut out for her.  Kathy seeks the guidance of some notable Broadway babies. Tony award-winner and mad singing sensation, Kristin Chenoweth, drops by to show Kathy just how it’s done. Kristin works with Kathy on a special rendition of "You Made Me Love You," which Kathy is planning to sing to Maggie at the senior show.  Kathy wonders if she should just "talk-sing" the song, or maybe she’ll just lip sync to Kristin’s voice instead.Kathy holds auditions to find a group of talented seniors to make up the chorus. One by one, a slow-moving parade of seniors come before the panel to warble their talent and have their dreams crushed. Maggie's friend, former big-band sensation Bea Wain, auditions and Kathy gives her so-so reviews. This musical revue has now turned into Kathy's personal mission to make it the best senior talent show ever. So Kathy enlists Cloris Leachman to be the show's guest star.  Finally, opening (and coincidentally, closing) night arrives and all the seniors have been bused into a theater for the big event. Kathy starts the evening off by cursing and behaving inappropriately. One by one, performers take to the stage to give it their all before their audience falls asleep. Before long, the show is almost over and Kathy takes to the stage to perform her very special version of "You Made Me Love You" for Maggie and there is not a dry eye in the house.

Aired: 08/03/2010