Kelly Cutrone Offers Back-to-School Fashion Advice: "Start with Basics"

Kelly Cutrone Offers Back-to-School Fashion Advice: "Start with Basics"

The #KellonEarth alum breaks down *the* must-haves for the new school year.

Like most moms in the month of August, Kell on Earth's fashion PR maven Kelly Cutrone has been hitting the mall to add some new pieces to her daughter's wardrobe. But, she advises, you shouldn't necessarily stress in the final days before classes. According to Kelly, the ritual of parent-kid back-to-school shopping is important, but don't go over budget to make it happen.

"I think its always good to get trend items on the cheap because they're called trends because they come and go... so whether you're shopping on Canal Street [in NYC], or the swap meet in Singapore, or you're at home and you want to go to Target or Old Navy or H&M or Forever 21, I think it's really great to get some really fun accessories," she told The Daily Dish. "I personally think that the first thing is to not get stuck in back to school craziness. Like, there's no need to buy everything in August. It's really good to wait certain things out."

But there are a few items that'll help you get an early start on your kids' fall wardrobe. "I would really start with basics. If you have a girl, a really great skinny jean," she said. "If you have a boy, chances are they're gonna want to wear what they want. I don't think young guys spend as much time... but maybe like a cool Ted Baker or Dior-inspired straight leg pants or trousers."

Jackets are also key pieces to invest in. "I think all kids from the ages of 10 [and] up should have one great blazer. I think it's just a great thing to have, whether they have to go out to a dinner, or a birthday party, or a funeral or a wedding," she said. "One great blazer for a kid, whether it's for a girl to wear with a rock T[-shirt] and skinny jeans and an ankle boot or a loafer, [is great to buy]. Or, if [my daughter] Ava were doing it, she might do it with a stripped boat neck shirt and a really cool Sperry or Vans or Dr. Martens, or however you're going to wear it. It's also great over a sleeveless dress. Everybody should have one good blazer. And the moms might as well buy one, too, and buy it in an all-season weight."

Ava and I right now!! @disneyland

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Kelly and her daughter, Ava, from earlier this year

There's also a more casual look to consider. "I think a really cool hoodie is a definite, for girls and boys," Kelly explained. "And a really great matching pant to go with that because that is the leisure suit of the now and it's also really great if you're flying or traveling with your kids."

In the end, though, it's all about keeping it simple and timeless. "I think a shirt dress is awesome because it never goes out of style," she said. "And like one really great white or black or navy shirt, like a few good monochromatic pieces. And a cool trouser for the boys and a skirt for the girls. I think those really good classic pieces that aren't gong to go out of style and if you can buy them just a little bit bigger so you don't have to kind of keep re-buying them."

Go back in time with Kelly circa Kell on Earth, below.

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