5 European Cities for Showing Off Your Chic Bicycle Style

5 European Cities for Showing Off Your Chic Bicycle Style

Biking in stilettos anyone?

Biking comes naturally to most people — it is just like riding a bike after all — but biking in heels? That's a special skill. Europe seems to have a lock on cycling fashionistas who make it look oh so easy, riding while rocking billowy maxi skirts and keeping their hair pristine. They do have years of experience to help out, of course: Many EU citizens learn to bike around the same time they learn to walk. Feel ready to challenge the natives with your own mad bike style on your next holiday abroad? Here are five chic bike cities to hit:

1. Copenhagen

If you're unsure why Copenhagen tops our list, take a quick peek at Amsterdam Cycle Chic. The Danes, Caroline Fleming included, take cycling very seriously but they never, ever let it compromise their ensembles. The city's urban landscape is also super convenient for daily commuters. From the Cykelslangen ("cycle snake") bike ramp to new canal bridges, there’s always an innovative design solution.

2. Berlin

Berlin bikers take a less-is-more approach to fashion in Berlin. Instead of balancing in heels, riders often opt for a grittier look, which usually comes off looking (and maybe is) totally effortless. Think leather jackets, combat boots, and ripped T-shirts. If you're new to city biking, Berlin is a great place to start. The terrain is mostly flat, the streets broad, and there's enough bike-lane infrastructure to get around with no issues. The city is also fairly spread out, making biking the most efficient way to tour its many neighborhoods, like graffiti haven Kreuzberg and posh Charlottenburg.

3. Amsterdam

Remember that time Yolanda and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies went biking through the Dutch countryside? Well, that’s normal in Holland, and especially in its capital city. There are more than 800,000 bikes in Amsterdam, which means there are more bikes than people. As one can imagine, the only real struggle you'll have as a visiting cyclist is finding a place to park. If the bike traffic gets too crazy, head outside the city to the Waterland District for some seriously serene vistas and quaint fishing towns.

4. Bordeaux

Nope, we didn’t forget about the City of Light but we are shining the spotlight on another beloved French city. The region boasts more than 500 vineyards, and biking is the best way to fully appreciate the landscape. Within the city, the cycle path stretches three miles along the riverfront, which serves as a good directional cue. That said, you can always veer off course to explore the medieval streets, stop for a glass of wine, or shop your heart out in Triangle-d’Or. Just remember to cycle and sip responsibly!

5. Trondheim

Throwing Norway into the mix might seem like a wildcard, but Trondheim is actually home to the world's first bicycle lift. Cool, right? Built back in 1993, the lift initially catered to the city’s large student population. Inspired by ski lifts, the “Trampe” takes cyclists up the very steep Brubakken hill and into the heart of the historic city. Norway might have reputation for being expensive thanks to a not-so-favorable exchange rate, but its Citybike bike sharing program is coin-operated and affordable.

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